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Stonehaugh Woodcraft

Stonehaugh woodcraft enjoy making our crafts in the hopes that you and your family will enjoy them too.

Stonehaugh Woodcraft pride ourselves on using 98% of timber sourced locally within an 80 mile radius of home.

The majority of our timber is bought or traded from local farmers and land owners, with a high percentage being felled as a result of storm damage or disease.

The UK has some fantastic native woods such as; Oak, Ash, Beach, Yew, Cherry, Laburnum, to name but a few.

With such beautiful native woods at hand the need for tropical woods becomes a moot point for us a Stonehaugh Woodcraft.

Buying the wood in the round, as we do, means thinking well ahead. From log to finished product can take 2 to 4 years, or more.

The logs have to be stacked and seasoned in preparation for planking. They are then cut down to size with a chain saw before being passed through a bandsaw which we use to cut the logs into 2", 3" and 4" boards. The boards are then stacked and the ends painted with hot wax to slow down the drying process from the ends. Drying takes around 1 year for every inch, so each stack is marked and monitored.

If we are after something a little special then the process takes a little longer; the logs are half buried in a dark corner of my garden, were they lie for 18 - 24 months. This allows fungus to grow on the log, the fungus penetrates the wood and travels up the internal structure staining the wood as it goes. This effect is known as spalting. After the spalting process has run its course the logs are then planked and stacked for the 1 year per inch.