Stonehaugh Astronomy

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Stonehaugh Astronomy is located in the largest expanse of protected dark sky in the whole of Europe. Light pollution is so low that the Milkyway is clearly visible over head on clear nights.

Mankind has been looking up at the night sky since it became aware of its own existence.

The first telescope didn’t come into being until 1609 (thank you Galileo Galilei), since then mankind has looked out further and further, we now believe we can see to the near edge of the ‘observable’ universe.

We want to show you what lies out beyond our atmosphere, from our own backyard; the planets and comets. Out beyond our solar system, nebula, globular clusters, even galaxies which lie outside of our own.

All of those questions you have been asking yourself since you were a youngster; how does the sun do what it does? How is a star born? What lies at the centre of our galaxy? Are we alone?

Let us offer you some answers to those questions, but be warned, you will probably leave with more questions than you came with.

Every night has a planned talk, from:

‘Basic Astronomy’ What is out there, ‘Aurora’ what are the Northern lights, ‘Safari Nights’ Take a tour around the night sky, ‘Astrophotography’ ever wondered how we get these cool pictures of the night sky. Bring along your DSLR and we can show you how.

All of our equipment is portable, which means that if you can’t bring your group to us, we can come to you . There is little excuse for missing out on the  greatest  show on earth.

Let us fuel your desire to learn, by introducing you to the universe and all that it holds.

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