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Stonehaugh Photography

Stonehaugh Photography is located in a small ex-forestry commission village in the heart of Northumberland. Surrounded by beautiful vistas and native wildlife of all descriptions, it is little wonder that we specialise in landscape and macro photography as well as astrophotography.

What is ISO?

What does the Shutter speed do?

What is Depth of field?

Google can answer those questions but knowing how to put that information to good use is another matter.

If you’ve ever wondered how to capture the here and now, the way you actually see it yourself, rather than those tilted, blurred, washed out images of holidays past. Well, we can show you how.

Bring along your own DSLR or bridge camera and take home, not only a days’ worth of images but the knowledge to repeat the process for yourself, a foundation to build on.

Here at Stonehaugh we live under the largest expanse of protected dark sky in the whole of Europe giving us idea conditions for landscape astrophotography. The Milkyway, the Andromeda Galaxy are all visible to the naked eye and easily captured on a DSLR camera.

Let us show you how!