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While your camera captures your image, your lens is what influences the image you take. Clarity, depth of focus, contrast and sharpness are all controlled by the glass in your lens.

A single lens can cost more than your camera… while this may seem odd but while your camera body will quickly depreciate in value, a good quality, well maintained lens will hold its value well. Most professionals agree that it is better to spend more on a good lens and use a slightly lesser quality camera, than the other way around.

So think of your lens as an investment…

But what lenses to buy?

When choosing your lenses you want to get a good focal range, from ‘Wide angel’ to ‘telephoto’

Wide angle lenses will put everything in your field of view into the frame of your image. A must for landscape photography.

Telephoto lenses allow you to zoom in on distant objects or specific sections of a landscape.

Prime lens or Zoom lens.

Prime lenses have a fixed focal length and a reputation for sharpness such as a fix 35mm or the portrait photographers fixed 50mm.

Zoom lenses while not as sharp, are more versatile. My main lenses are;

Sigma 10-20mm

Pentax 18-55mm

Sigma 70-210mm

I find this gives me a large range when out on a shoot.

Consider your preferred area in photography when considering what lens to buy.