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Stonehaugh Astronomy

Stonehaugh Astronomy is located in the largest expanse of protected gold tier dark sky in the whole of Europe.

Light pollution is so low that we can see up to 3000 stars on a clear night with the unaided eye.

Every night here in Stonehaugh has a themed talk, from:

‘An Introduction to  Astronomy’ What is out there?

‘Aurora’ what are the Northern lights?

‘The Dark Universe’ Black holes, Dark Matter, what’s it all about?


‘Astrophotography’ ever wondered how we get these cool pictures of the night sky. Bring along your DSLR and we can show you how.

 All of those questions you have been asking yourself since you were a youngster; how does the sun do what it does? How is a star born? What lies at the centre of our galaxy? Are we alone?

Let us offer you some answers to those questions, but be warned, you will probably leave with more questions than you came with.

All of our equipment is portable, which means that if you can’t bring your group to us, we can come to you. There is little excuse for missing out on the greatest  show on earth.