14.02.18 Astronomy - Astrology

The skies above Stonehaugh cleared during our event tonight, giving spectacular views of Orion, Taurus, the Gemini twins and so much more.

This image was taken from the back deck outside Stonehaugh Community Hall.

31.01.18 An Introduction to Astronomy

Cloudy skies prevented us doing any observing, but we discussed everything from the planets  to the expansion of the universe.

It’s the great questions that help charge the night and drive us in new directions.

Astronomy Home

07.01.18 An Introduction to Astronomy

A private event for the Northumberland Cancer Support Group.

We started the event with cloudy skies and a presentation ‘Life Cycle of  Stars.’

We had some great questions from the group during the presentation, then we broke for refreshments.

During the break the clouds opened up so we took  the opportunity  to observe the Plieades through our 12” Dobsonian telescope.

The clouds moved back in so we moved back indoors for a brief history lesson and a discussion on the various types of telescope.

20.02.18 Birtley Local History Group

Well a big 'thank you!' to Birtley Local History Group for inviting me along tonight.

Not the normal Astronomical talk, but a talk on the Stonehaugh Stargazing Pavilion.

Such a warm welcome and some great questions, finished of with enthusiastic and positive feedback.

Looking forward to seeing you guys over here at Stonehaugh 'now that you know we’re here'.

21.08.18 Roses Bower private event

I've just spent a great night down at Rose's Bower. http://www.roses-bower.co.uk/

Thank you to Susan and the lovely family who are staying in one of their luxury accommodations.

It has been a cloudy night, but just as I was packing the car to leave, the clouds thinned and gave us a lovely view of the Moon, Saturn , Mizar and Alcor as well as The Double cluster in Perseus.

It didn't last long but seeing Saturn through a telescope never gets old!