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An Introduction to Astronomy

Learn about our solar system, our local neighbourhood, our place in the universe. We will even discuss distant galaxies and the far reaches of the universe. All laid out in a relaxed atmosphere.

Life cycle of a Star

Birth Life and Death. Not words you might associate with a star. But everything has a beginning a middle and an end, even stars. Join us as we look at how a star is born, how it does what it does throughout its’ life and what can become of them at the end.

Life; Are we alone?

Join us while we discuss the age old Question - "Are we alone?"

We'll discuss the fundamentals of what Life is.

What makes life possible.

And where else in the Universe could it exist - if at all.

How do we detect these distant worlds that may harbour other life,  worlds we call  ‘Exoplanets’ .

The Moon

A familiar object in the night sky, the moon has been with us from the birth of our planet.

How did it come to be our partner in space?

How has it affected life on our planet?

What role will it play in our future?

Join us as we discuss this fascinating topic and if the weather permits, maybe get a close look at our moon through a large telescope.

Future Endeavours

Since the launch of Sputnik 1 on Oct. 4, 1957 mankind has been probing the solar system to learn more about or place in the universe.

The Apollo missions saw man venturing into space and now we are pushing forward once more.

Where are we going?

How will we get there?

And what dangers do we face in the vacuum of space?

Stargazing for beginners

Have you always fancied trying a spot of stargazing but just couldn’t get to grips with the jargon. Uncertain what type of telescope to buy; refractor, reflector, manual or computerised. Or do you own a telescope and aren’t sure where to point it. We’ll translate the jargon and point you in the right direction.

Shooting Stars

What are they?

Where do they come from?

Can we predict them?

Everyone wants to wish upon a star, join us  to try your luck.

Event Descriptions

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Myths and Legends

Man has been looking up at the stars in wonder since we became self-aware.

In ancient times it was believed that the stars were the messengers of the Gods and that they held great wisdom.

The Greeks believed the Olympians put those people, animals and objects in the heavens for a reason, they served as unmistakable lessons on proper behaviour. Often, entire stories play out across the sky, traced from one constellation to the next.

Join us as we discuss the heavens from an ancient and philosophical perspective.

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We are Stardust

Everything has a beginning, even us! But where did it all start?

In this event we will explore the substance of the universe, peer into the heart of a star, and explore the mechanics within.

We will also look at the universe from the early years to the present.

“What was there before?”

“What will happen in the end?”

“Will there be an end?”

Join us in the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park while we consider the substance of 'everything'.


Do you own a Digital SLR camera?

Do you fancy a new challenge?

Then why not try your hand at landscape astrophotography or even a bit of deep sky astrophotography.

Join us up at Stonehaugh where we will show you how to adjust your camera settings for low light photography.

Weather permitting we will spend the night capturing the night sky, if the weather is against us, then we will play with a bit of light painting inside.

Please be aware, when outdoors, temperatures can be severe and the ground underfoot can be soft and wet, to ensure your own comfort, please wear suitable attire.

Please be aware this is Not a stargazing event

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Origins of the Universe

The Universe. How did it all begin? When did it all begin? Will it ever end?

Humans have sought for the answers to all of these questions, striving to fathom the mysteries of the stars and other bodies that lie within the universe and ultimately, how the universe will end.

Join us as we journey through space and time, out into the cosmos, as we share some of the mysteries our universe has to offer.

From our solar system to the large-scale structure of the universe and back to the Big Bang, we will explore our current perceptions of it all and the important discoveries made along the way.

Black holes, Dark matter and Dark energy, terms used for things we can't see, so how do we know they actually exist?

Black holes, the the focus of many a SiFi movie, but do they exist and if so what are they?

Dark matter and Dark energy are quite new to most people, terms used to explain the way the universe is behaving, how it is expanding.

How much do we really know?

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