We are Stardust

Everything has a beginning, even us!

But where did it all start?

We will explore the substance of the universe, peer into the heart of a star, exploring the mechanics within and look at the universe from the early years to the present


King of the Roman Gods - God of light and thunder.

What is in a name?

Learn more about our largest neighbour, what is it made of, and how has it influenced our planet.

Explore Jupiter’s moons and find out why we are so focused on one moon in particular.

An Introduction to Astronomy

This is an evening for those of you who have always wondered what’s out there.

An opportunity to ask those questions, “What is a star?” “What are we doing to find life elsewhere?” Learn about our solar system, our local neighbourhood.

We will discuss distant galaxies and the far reaches of the universe.


The Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis.

What is the aurora and what causes the the amazing displays above or north pole.

Can we see the aurora from here in the UK?

And most importantly, how can you spot them for yourselves.

Astronomy Home


Are we alone?

The question that has been asked through the centuries.

To even begin to answer this question we first need to address a few others.

What is life?

What does life need to survive?

What difficulties does life face out there?

Where should we look?

Our Solar System

What lies just above our heads?

The expanding universe is a fascinating place, with nebula, quasars, pulsars clusters and galaxies. but you don’t have to look to far to find some fascinating things,

Join us as we look out at the planets, moons and asteroids that inhabit our solar system.


Everyone loves to see a shooting star.

But what are they?

Where do they come from?

When can we see them?

Can we predict them?

Join us as we discuss this popular topic and shed some light on the subject of Meteor or Meteorite.

You might even get to make a wish!

Astrology - Astronomy

Astrology and Astronomy, are they different or one in the same?

Are they Science or pseudoscience?

These two are often confused with one another, so why not join us as we look back at the origins of these two belief systems and how one has influenced the other over the course of history.

Life Cycle of a Star

Birth Life and Death. Not words you might associate with a star.

But everything has a beginning a middle and an end, even stars.

Join us as we look at how a star is born, how it does what it does throughout its’ life and what can become of them at the end.

Stargazing for beginners

Have you always fancied trying a spot of stargazing but just couldn’t get to grips with the jargon.

Uncertain what type of telescope to buy; refractor, reflector, manual or computerised.

Or do you own a telescope and aren’t sure where to point it.

 We’ll translate the jargon for you and point you in the right direction.


Do you own a Digital SLR camera?

Do you fancy a new challenge?

Then why not try your hand at landscape astrophotography.

Join us up at Stonehaugh where we will show you how to adjust your camera settings for low light photography. We can look at composition and working with silhouettes.

Weather permitting we will spend the night capturing the night sky, if the weather is against us, then we can play with a bit of light painting.